April 30, 2021

Why use road reflective glass beads

Many consumers do not know very well about road reflective glass beads. In fact, it is very simple. Consumers need to know why they use road reflective glass beads, because only after knowing this information will there be no problems when using them in the future.

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Glass beads are a newly developed material in recent years. It has a very wide range of uses and special properties. It has a very small diameter, light weight, and high strength. It can be made by adding it to the coating. The reflective paint that people need, and it also has strong retro-retroreflective performance, which can reflect light directly to the back light source to a large extent, so it produces a strong retro-reflective effect. This application of reflective glass beads The road safety performance has been greatly improved.

The coating with road reflective glass beads does not require any additional power supply, and can also complete the prompt function of night signs. Therefore, road reflective glass beads are used in traffic signal signs, outdoor facilities, road markings and other night warnings. The total number of signs greatly improves the recognition of these signs at night, plays a very good role in guiding and warning, and provides a more powerful line of defense for drivers who drive at night.

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