April 25, 2021

What are the uses and characteristics of glass beads

In recent years, glass beads have been widely used in various industries, but people have only heard of such a new material, but the use and characteristics of the material are not particularly understood. So what are the uses and characteristics of glass beads?

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Glass beads are again called hollow glass beads, whose main component is borosilicate, with a particle size of 10-250 microns and a hollow sphere with a wall thickness of 1-2 microns. Hollow glass beads have the advantages of light weight, low thermal conductivity, high strength and good chemical stability. After special treatment, they have lipophilic and hydrophobic properties and are very easy to disperse in organic materials such as resins. Hollow glass beads have obvious weight reduction, sound insulation and heat preservation effects, so that products have good crack resistance and reprocessing performance. They are widely used in composite materials such as glass fiber reinforced plastic, artificial marble, artificial agate, and petroleum industry, aerospace , New-type high-speed trains, automobiles, ships, and thermal insulation coatings, etc., have effectively promoted the development of my country's scientific and technological undertakings.

In summary, it can be known that glass microbeads can be used in various industries, and are characterized by light weight, low thermal conductivity and high chemical stability.

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