April 30, 2021

How about sandblasted glass beads

What are the advantages of sandblasted glass beads that so many consumers like? Now let us introduce you to sandblasted glass beads!

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Sandblasted glass beads are spherical particles without any impurities. The surface is also very smooth and has a very good finish. Many consumers are not quite clear about the advantages of sandblasted glass beads. Let's explain in detail below:

Sandblasted glass beads are made of high-quality materials and high-tech processing. It has certain mechanical strength and good elasticity. We can use it repeatedly and will not break easily. Its use Compared with ordinary glass beads, the life span is basically more than three times that of ordinary glass beads.

The strength of the sandblasted glass beads of good material will be relatively uniform. After the spray gun is applied, not only the brightness coefficient of the sandblasting device can be kept uniform, but also the watermark will not be easily left.

Its service life is longer than that of any other substrates. It is made by processing non-alkaline soda-lime glass materials. It has relatively good chemical stability and is not suitable for processing metals. Will produce any pollution.

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